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Merci de votre visite à Dar Marjana

Ancien Harem – maison juste magnifique – tables avec pétales de rose nos prénoms inscrits sur les tables – des chanteurs et musiciens entraînants – et un repas de folies … tout en finesse

“En enchantement Gustatif et pour les yeux”

Authentic Moroccan meal in a historical house, very romantic and mystical setting. The service is extremely warm and very attentive to detail. You are treated like royalty. The house itself has an interesting backstory-

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this was not built as a restaurant, not built to impress tourists but is a perfect glimpse of an old 18th century Marrakech Riad- and for me and my husband this is what made the experience all the more special. As for the food you can tell that these are professionals and have been doing this a long time. Enjoy!
“History and great food”

Le meilleur et de loin restaurant de cuisine marocaine authentique à Marrakech. Extraordinaire pigeon recouvert d une crêpe aérienne recouverte de la parfaite combinaison d épices et de sésame,

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délicieux tagine d agneau aux oignons et tomates confiteset apothéose avec un couscous à la semoule incroyablement fine et goûteuse. Un restaurant familial tenu par la fille du fondateur ou l on a le sentiment de dîner chez des amis et des serveurs pleins d humour et de gentille. Beau spectacle de musique et de danse pour un prix très raisonnable . Un must loin des restaurants factices qui trustent les premières places de trip advisor… Avant de disparaître dans l oubli. Merci.
“Le vrai restaurant authentique et familial de Marrackech.”

Merveilleux jardin romantique, gastronomie marocaine délicate et parfumée et surtout un accueil de rêve. Lieu raffiné dans un véritable Ryad ancien, quelques tables pour convives exigeants.

“Merveilleux jardin romantique, gastronomie marocaine délicate”

Upon arrival you are greeted by someone who rings a doorbell to let the staff know of your arrival, then you are escorted through a dark hallway lined with lanterns until you finally

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get to the hostess, the restaurants in Morocco are usually or once were the homes of people. Dining at a typical restaurant in Morocco means you sit outside and drink tea or whatever else until the table is ready, which is great and you get to learn about Moroccan hospitality this way. This restaurant is owned by a woman who father once owned and was raised in. The restaurant itself is small, 5 tables or so, seated on pillows, my husband and i had the best seat in the whole place and upon arrival we found our names written on the table which was pretty cool. We did not see a menu, i believe the restaurant only offers a set menu which includes many different salads to start with, followed by different traditional Moroccan dishes such as chicken tajine which was great, the chicken was very moist and literally came off the bone. The meal comes with wine, which wasn’t the greatest but it was fine. The greatest part of the meal was this incredible deep fried HUGE piece of dough, topped with chopped almonds and finally soaked in milk. My husband and I nearly finished the whole thing and it was HUGE, pizza pie huge. All in all this was a great first night introduction to Morocco.
“Great Dessert”

Accueil chaleureux par KENZA la propriétaire des lieux On peut prendre l apéritif dans le patio ou sur la terrasse sur les toits qui donne sur la Medina Cadre sublime dans un palais (chants et danses traditionnels sont proposés pendant le repas)

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Grand menu dégustation (tout en étant copieux) Nous fréquentons cet établissement avec grand plaisir à chacun de nos séjours dans la ville rouge. Vivement recommandé.

I went here with my husband and it far exceeded our expectations. The place is beautiful, the food was delicious (and far too plentiful!), the entertainment was great, lots of fun,

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and the waiters and entertainers looked they were really enjoying themselves. All in all an amazing night and definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Marrakech so far!
“Love love love!”

f you want to have a quick look into the traditions of a different culture, you have to go someplace touristic…

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Otherwise you would have to know a local family who would introduce you to their rituals. Since that wasn’t our case, we went to a so called typical morrocan dinner in Dar Marjana, recommended by our (very good) hotel concierge. Pause: of course nowadays the ‘typical’ morrocan dinner is something a lot closer to our own typical meals, but anyway… The restaurant is very big and beautifully (just a bit tacky) decorated, with good local wines, great (and enourmously portioned) food and a nice show of berberian music and belly dancing. All in all, with wine, it costed 1400 dirhans, about 140 euros for the couple. It was imensely fun! I would definetely recommend it!
“Yes, it is touristic and also yes, it is GREAT!”